Muddyfox Anarchy 100 & 400 Reviews

We review the brand. Purchasing a new bike is a significant investment. On the market, there are several well-known brands. We like Muddyfox the most of all of them. It is a trustworthy vendor with 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry. Cyclists all over the world are familiar with the brand. They have held an important role over the years, and you can be confident that when you buy a bike from them, you are getting a high-quality product.

Origins, Why Muddyfox?

Muddyfox is an English bicycle manufacturer based in Basildon. Mountain bikes are the company’s speciality, but it also makes trail, hybrid, and BMX bikes. Muddy also has a cycling apparel collection that includes sportswear. Helmets, sunglasses, pumps, and bicycle parts are examples of safety equipment and accessories.

Muddyfox was founded in Essex Basildon and specialises in manufacturing and developing mountain bikes. The company has over twenty-five years of experience in the bike industry. The Muddyfox brand takes pride in only making mountain bikes that cyclists would like to buy. They started and specialised in manufacturing BMXs in the early 1980s, but a drop in demand led them to produce mountain bikes.

Muddy Fox was purchased by Universal in 2001 and transformed into a low-quality brand. Mike Ashley/Sports Direct then bought out 80 percent of Universal Cycles in 2008, transforming it into a lower-quality brand. It is now a subsidiary of the Frasers Group (formerly, Sports Direct Int.)

Sport Direct has owned the brand since 2009 and manufactures Silverfox bikes. It was the first mountain bike company in the EU and has marketed itself for the adrenaline junkie who enjoys extreme sports. The collection now includes a wide range of different bikes, clothing, and accessories.

Muddyfox Mountain Bikes

Depending on who is riding the bike and what they expect from it, there is a different bike suitable for each case. There are a lot of bikes you can choose from, and buying a bike can become somehow complex without some guidance. Are Muddyfox Bikes any good? they certainly have a great range of bikes.

You must know exactly what you want before you start browsing your options. You need to know:

Who is making use of it? If it is a shared bike, choose the primary person. We do not recommend sharing bikes with people of different sizes. It has the potential to become an awkward situation. The user’s height or leg length should then be measured. Your bike’s size will be determined by this. Some models are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the one that is best for you. Finally, if you are a real biker, look into the various features. If not, simply choose a style. In any case, we suggest that you first look at the most recent bikes. Muddyfox’ s latest models are normally equipped with the most recent features.

Finding the right Mountain Bike

Who rides the bike?

This is a significant question because Muddyfox mountain bikes have a women’s line.

They aren’t all decorated in bright, stylized colours. A curved bike frame is included in the design to improve the comfort of female riders. Furthermore, the size is appropriate for women, with more comfortable handles, grips, and seat. They were created only for her. There are also bicycles for children starting at size 20.” They are appropriate for children as young as seven years old.

However, don’t base your decision on your age. The best Muddyfox mountain bike for your child is determined by his or her height. Some children develop at a faster and higher rate than others. As a result, the bike will be unique to each person.

There are also bikes for girls in the children’s line. These bikes have the same upgrades as the women’s line. If your child is tall enough (usually about the age of 12), you may want to look for an adult bike rather than a children’s bike.

What size should it be?

Once you have narrowed your search to the right size and men or women style, sort the results in such a way you can see the most recent models first. That will allow you to assess the latest features. The new models on top have the latest technology. A bike is constantly improved. This means that the features of the newest models are the best on the market. If you are an early technology adopter, then assess the 3 latest models. Compare their features and then chose the most appropriate bike for you.

If this is your first bike, or if you are not too fond of technicalities, then you can go for a style. Each model has a unique design, with its own and characteristic shape and colour combination. When you are searching online, you can see small pictures of every model side by side. That is an advantage because it will allow you to decide which looks more appealing to you.

What to Look for in a Mountain Bike

The heart of a good bike is its frame. With dozens of brands to choose from, each with lots of models in different styles, knowing where to start can be a quandary. The good news: All that competition makes for a lot of great bikes.

Moreover, there are four broad categories in which mountain bikes come; namely, cross-country (XC) bikes which are designed for cycling and travelling high, trail bikes which are designed for general use and all-around mountain biking, all-mountain or enduro bikes which are designed for more challenging trails, and downhill (DH) bikes which are designed for flat-out descending.

Don’t get hung up on labels; everybody has their own interpretations. What’s important to remember is that all bikes fall somewhere in this spectrum, and finding the right style requires matching a number of factors, including frame geometry, suspension design and volume, and weight.


When it comes to wheels, bike nerds love to debate wheel sizes, but the truth is that no matter what size you buy, it will fit well and you will have a great time. Don’t get too worked up about it. Don’t get too wrapped up in the wheel size debate.

Mountain bikes are now built with two-wheel sizes: 27.5 inch (still known as 650B) and 29 inch. These have largely supplanted the 26-inch wheel, which was the industry standard for many years and is still available, especially on low-cost bikes. We don’t suggest 26 because we despise it, but because the industry has moved on, making parts and tyres for the size difficult to find.

The difference between 27.5 and 29 is very subtle. The 29er needs more energy to accelerate due to its greater diameter, but it retains momentum quicker and bounces over obstacles more easily. The larger the distance, the larger the rubber contact patch, and thus the greater the traction. 27.5ers, on the other hand, are a little more agile because there is less rotating mass to move around.

In our view, new riders gain more from the extra confidence, comfort, and traction offered by 29ers. Still, any size will do in the end, and the best reason to choose one over the other is fit. If you have the choice, try both and choose the one that best suits you.

Plus-Size Wheels (27.5+ and 29+), which are available in two sizes, are a bit of a hot topic in the wheel community, as it refers to using larger tyres to gain some of the same rollover, stability, and momentum advantages that 29 has over 27.5.

Three-inch-wide tyres mounted on 27.5-inch diameter rims have the same effective size as 2.3-inch tyres on a 29er, but you get more ground contact for more traction and the ability to run lower tyre pressures with a 27.5+ system. Skilled nailed this construct with the Fuse.

The 29+, which includes the Trek Stache, Surly Krampus, and Niner ROS9+, has three-inch tyres on 29-inch rims for even more bulldozing and traction. The downside of the plus-size trend is that the extra tyre weight results in a heavy ride, particularly in budget models with heavy wheels. We agree that larger tyre sizes help new users, and we appreciate the convenience of extra clearance, but it’s also important to note that we’re only getting started with this movement, and designs will certainly evolve and develop over the next few years.

The single best improvement you can make to any bike, regardless of wheel size, is a wheel upgrade. This is especially true on low-cost bikes, where heavy hoops are defined to save money. Since rotating weight is some of the most visible heft on a bike, lightening up the wheelset can make a big difference in how it moves and looks.

Although carbon wheels are the most durable, a good collection of aluminium rims, such as the Stan’s Arch EX, save just as much weight and cost a quarter of the original price. Finally, take the time to properly attach tubeless wheels on whatever wheels you’re using. This allows for lower temperatures, resulting in a smoother ride.

Just a few brands produce their own suspension systems, and the designs and requirements vary by company. While everyone can tell you why their version is the best—and there are slight differences—the reality is that most designs from reputable brands (the ones you’ll find at your local shop) perform very well. As a result, if you’re a beginner, we recommend focusing on the category of bike that’s best for you rather than the suspension.

You may also choose from a number of frame materials. The most affordable frames are usually made of aluminium or an alloy. Iron, titanium, and carbon fibre are lighter and more damping, which helps to reduce vibration; however, they are more expensive. Many of the above have the potential to be exceptional. If you can afford it, they’re worth considering, particularly for the weight savings.

However, aluminium manufacturing and forming have advanced significantly, and if cost is a consideration, the alloy is the way to go.

Why Should You Buy A Mountain Bike?

• Exploring

It is becoming more difficult to step back and detach from technology. Cycling through parks, single tracks, and paths is an excellent way to detach from the city and reconnect with nature.

• Challenge

Mountain biking is a perfect way to challenge your fitness levels while also improving your balance, strength, and endurance. Working on your physical stamina and weaknesses is an excellent way to boost your morale.

• You can be Invisible

Mountain biking can be incredibly difficult, but it can also feel like you’re invisible as you finally master a drop, skinny, or obstacle you’ve been working on for months. Achieving your objectives is an excellent way to improve your faith both on and off the mountain bike.

• You join a Community

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to meet new people and form new friendships. Cycling in a small group will not only help you encourage each other, but it will also allow you to create memories that will hopefully lead to lifelong friendships. Sharing a hobby that you are both passionate about will provide you with a new outlook and inspiration to develop your mountain biking abilities.

• Exercise (self-explanatory)

Mountain biking is a high-intensity workout that will improve your balance, body conditioning, and cardio. The dynamic workout will undoubtedly make you stronger. Aside from improving your fitness, buying a mountain bike and exploring your local community will help you develop muscles you never knew you had.

What’s the Secret of Going Fast on Your Mountain Bike?

The key to mastering your bike is learning to shift. To focus on your body position, your line, braking and shifting at the same time is difficult. However, each one is vital to being able to change of the pace of the mountain bike. If you’re on a flat and a rider is much further, they have probably shifted into a harder gear. Travelling downhill trails takes practice and experience. The more experienced a rider becomes, the faster they will be able to travel on their mountain bike.

Will I Need A Pair of Cycling Shoes? What about gloves?

You will not need a pair of cycling shoes, to begin with, a pair of hiking or running shoes will be perfect for entry-level. A rider can also ride their bike without a pair of gloves. However, the first thing to hit the ground when you crash is the hand. Wearing a pair of gloves will protect your hands from blisters and calluses.

Do I need to leave much space between each other?

If the rider is using the mountain bike on rough terrain, they should aim to leave a car length. Some individuals might say that not that much space is needed. However, if you’re both travelling down rocky terrain and they need to suddenly. The rider will have plenty of time to perform an emergency time. On a flat, a rider may choose to not leave that much terrain, however, if it’s unknown terrain, then being a little cautious is always best.

Is Muddyfox a Good Brand?

The Muddyfox brand offers a wide range of cycling clothing that any serious cyclist would need. A company that provides excellent value for money cycling clothing for the adrenaline-seeking rider. If you’re looking to buy your first bike but have a small budget, the Muddyfox brand is perfect and will meet the needs of any aspiring cyclist. The company has a long history in the bike industry.

After you’ve bought your new Muddyfox bike. Consider buying a high-quality helmet, bike lock, cycling gear, and a pair of high-quality cycling shoes. You may be interested in our article “best cycling shoes for beginners.”

That is why we have created this buyer’s guide. It contains helpful information about purchasing a Muddyfox bike.

Muddyfox Mens Anarchy 100


  • Hardtail Steel Frame
  • MTB Handlebars
  • Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame
  • Zoom Steel Suspension Forks
  • Alloy MTB Handlebars
  • Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem
  • 18 Speed Shimano Tourney gears
  • Revoshift Shifters

The Muddyfox brand offers a lot of monetary worth and is an ideal entry-level brand for anyone thinking of buying their first bike or anyone after a bargain.

Muddyfox has ensured that all of their bikes meet the basic needs of the modern cyclist and will enable riders to put their bike through their paces while exploring local mountain bike paths, commuting to work, or commuting around town.

The bike is great, and you get what you pay for. It has a nice appearance, but it is a little under-priced. There are no fast release items listed in the instructions. Setup and assembly are fine, but you’d still need to use the after-care service because the gears may slip, which isn’t ideal. While most are used to slimmer tyres, it rides well. Anything I’ll get when this one wears out.

Overall, a lovely looking bike with a few kinks to work out.
The bike will be 90% built when it arrives. All that is needed is the attachment of the front wheel, peddles, handlebar, and saddle. It’s simple to assemble, and all tools are included. We will, however, recommend having the bike inspected by a professional.

When it comes to riding the actual thing, it’s lovely and smooth. The saddle, on the other hand, is rock solid. The first time out would be very painful for your back. We recommend either a gel cover or a different seat entirely. Don’t throw away your old bike seat; your body will thank you. You can find the handlebars to be a little short for what you’re used to, and the rubber grips to be a little uncomfortable. But don’t let that detract from what a fantastic bike it is.

The only major problems are having the brakes calibrated correctly and the gears adjusted because there is some slippage, but I’m sure it can be fixed by taking it to a professional to take a look at.


  • Colour: Black / Blue
  • Brand: Muddyfox
  • Size: 26Wh/18Fr/20Fr/22Fr
  • Colour: Black / Blue
  • Frame: material Steel
  • Brake style: Linear Pull
  • Number of speeds: 18
  • Weight: 15 Kilograms


Pros: Looks great, feels great and rides smoothly. Gears are nice and smooth and the selectors are easy to operate.

Cons: the saddle. Handlebar grips a little uncomfortable.

Muddyfox Mens Anarchy 400


  • Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame
  • Sun tour XCT Alloy Suspension Forks with Mechanical Lockout and Adjustable Rebound – 80mm travel
  • Alloy MTB Handlebars
  • Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem
  • 24 Speed Shimano Acerra gears with Shimano Acerra Rapid Fire Shifters

Looking for the ideal mountain bike from a reputable English manufacturer. Muddyfox mountain bikes have certain high-end features that are typically seen in more costly mountain bikes. This is particularly true for the Anarchy 400, which is an excellent choice for those looking for a bike that can be used for a variety of activities such as commuting to work or exploring nearby mountain bike trails with family and friends.

The Anarchy 400 is ideal for the new rider who wants to get into mountain biking without spending a fortune. This bike was built with a lightweight frame and components that are both robust and inexpensive. The Anarchy has disc brakes, making it suitable for both trails and pavement. If you’re looking for a great deal on a 4-bike setup, look no further than this low-cost option.

Fitted with an impressive twenty-four gears, the bike comes with plenty of options for the rider to change the pace of the bike as the bike comes with twenty-four gears. It’s made for the trail, with a high-quality aluminium frame (The Anarchy comes with a hard-wearing lightweight aluminium alloy frame. Aluminium is a strong durable material) and dependable disc brakes. The rider will be able to control the Anarchy 400 with a set of hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes allow the rider to bring the mountain bike to a stop with less force needed from the rider.

Muddyfox have equipped the Anarchy 400 with a pair of good quality mountain bike tires that will offer the rider plenty of grip as they explore their local mountain bike trails. The 1x drivetrain and low stand over height of 81 cm make it easy to pedal up climbs or speed down descents on this bike. It is manufactured by a company that is committed to producing high-quality bicycles at the lowest possible cost.

Overall, we believe this is a good budget mountain bike. It has managed to be lightweight, rugged, and inexpensive without falling apart. The design’s components are also of high quality. It’s a very flexible bike that can do anything from commuting to racing. If you’re looking for an inexpensive bike that doesn’t have to be pretty, this might be the one!

Tech Specs:

  • Frame: Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • Sizes: 18-, 20- & 22-inch
  • Suspension: Sun tour XCT Alloy Suspension Forks with Mechanical Lockout and Adjustable Rebound – 80mm travel
  • Handlebars: Alloy MTB with Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem
  • Shifters: 24 Speed Shimano Acerra gears with Shimano Acerra Rapid Fire
  • Chainset: Sun tour XCT
  • Brakes: Tektro HDX300 Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Wheels: Alex Rims 26″ Quick Release Double Walled Alloy Wheels 26″ x 2
  • Saddle: Cionlli MTB with Bumpers
  • Recommended inside leg measurement: 18-inch frame: 28 – 34 inches 20-inch frame: 30 – 36 inches 22-inch frame: 31 – 37 inches
  • Weight: approx. 15kgs (post assembly)

Pros: A good value mountain bike with a hardtail configuration for a stable ride and, of course, disc brakes for all your mountain biking adventures.

Cons: a little heavy, ambitious design

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