Month: August 2021

Nuke Proof Mega 275 Review

The Nukeproof industry is one of the most significant bike industries in the United Kingdom and around the world. Nukeproof aim has always been to make desirable, reliable, and innovative solutions to encounter the rising demand for mountain bikes in the market for recreational and professional use. The brand has over the years created quality bike series that have been used in worldwide competitions and have recorded a remarkable reputation from the riders.  The racing mind of the Nukeproof industry …

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Self Sealing Inner Tube

Self Sealing Inner Tubes – Good Idea?

Having a puncture while riding is an experience that most bikers have to deal with once in a while. There are several kits for puncture repair that you can acquire and carry with you when you are out riding. But carrying a puncture kit can be stressful since it is an added weight, plus you might forget it while leaving the house. There are alternative solutions that you can do to avoid carrying your puncture kit; one of them is …

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Nukeproof Bikes

Best Nukeproof Bikes

To be healthy and fit. You require your physical body to be active. Having rhythmic physical activity can aid in protecting you from diseases like arthritis, obesity, cancer, and many more. In addition, cycling is a good way to shorten the possibilities of health problems linked with an inactive lifestyle. Cycling is healthy. It is an exercise that can be performed by individuals of any age group, from adults to young children. It is cheap, fun, and perfect for the …

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