Road Bike Stem

80MM Road Bike Stems

A bicycle stem, also known as a gooseneck, is a relatively simple component. The stem is a part that joins the frame and handlebar by connecting to the steerer tube. The simple stem function plays a vital role in the safety standpoint; it is a part that should have the ability to handle different forces, plus the cyclist’s upper body mass and road vibrations. High-quality items are designed with specific attention given for an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio. The choice of …

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Carrera Vengeance

Difference Between Mountain Bike & a Road Bike

Introduction Are you on the lookout for a new bicycle? There has almost certainly never been a better time to purchase one. Bikes have become more functional, dependable, and enjoyable to ride over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that the variety has expanded from a few basic styles (e.g., road, mountain, city) to now include a plethora of niches and categories-within-categories, as bike manufacturers are diversifying their products to cater to the various modes of …

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Best Road Bikes Under £3000

Best Road Bikes under £3000

Road bike riding is a good exercise that aids in keeping you active and also provides a great way of catching up with friends and family. It is also a unique technique for staying fit at any particular age. In addition, road bikes possess the ability to meet the desires of competitive and adventure riders. When purchasing a new road bike, many options can be intimidating. To aid you in making a knowledgeable decision, we have created a buyers’ guide …

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SRAM GX Eagle Review

SRAM GX Eagle Review

SRAM’s Mountain Bike Groupsets are known for their quality innovation and outstanding performance of their products. The American-based brand is the engineer behind the creative 12-Speed Eagle Mountain Bike Groupset and the 1X system. After the Mountain Bike Groupset established the SRAM’s Mountain Bike Groupset Hierarchy qualification, the SRAM Mountain Bike Groupset invented the Eagle, a 12-Speed Cassette that offers the full scope of dual chainrings with a solo ring upfront. The popularity of Eagle led to SRAM’s development of …

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Cycling Speed

What Is The Average Cycling Speed?

One of the frequently asked questions in the cycling world is what is the average cycling speed. This question is frequently asked by beginners who want to gauge and understand their riding progress. Understanding your average riding speed is important as it helps you know your fitness levels, understand your bike performance, and encourage you to improve your cycling speed if you aim to be a cyclist above the average or be a professional. Your riding speed can vary depending …

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Nuke Proof Mega 275 Review

The Nukeproof industry is one of the most significant bike industries in the United Kingdom and around the world. Nukeproof aim has always been to make desirable, reliable, and innovative solutions to encounter the rising demand for mountain bikes in the market for recreational and professional use. The brand has over the years created quality bike series that have been used in worldwide competitions and have recorded a remarkable reputation from the riders.  The racing mind of the Nukeproof industry …

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Self Sealing Inner Tube

Self Sealing Inner Tubes – Good Idea?

Having a puncture while riding is an experience that most bikers have to deal with once in a while. There are several kits for puncture repair that you can acquire and carry with you when you are out riding. But carrying a puncture kit can be stressful since it is an added weight, plus you might forget it while leaving the house. There are alternative solutions that you can do to avoid carrying your puncture kit; one of them is …

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Nukeproof Bikes

Best Nukeproof Bikes

To be healthy and fit. You require your physical body to be active. Having rhythmic physical activity can aid in protecting you from diseases like arthritis, obesity, cancer, and many more. In addition, cycling is a good way to shorten the possibilities of health problems linked with an inactive lifestyle. Cycling is healthy. It is an exercise that can be performed by individuals of any age group, from adults to young children. It is cheap, fun, and perfect for the …

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Cube Bike

Best Cube Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are not equal in terms of manufacturing, and hence, there’s no single model that is considered the best. Instead, they come with varying designs, specs, and prices, with each trying to suit a fair part of the market. For instance, a trail riding mountain bike is not the same as one intended for cross-country racing. As a result, different manufacturers stay competitive by producing bikes models for different people, terrains and settings. Being an established brand in the …

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Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Whether you are male or female, having wide feet brings all kinds of inconveniences and is even worse for cyclists. Coming across a pair of cycling shoes that caters for wide feet is almost impossible. Most shoe manufacturers, hardly pay enough attention to this segment of the market. Also, most cyclists haven’t realised yet how much they need a good pair of cycling shoes for wide feet. This can be such a drawback since your performance largely depends on the …

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