Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket

Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket

The best cycling jacket can mean the difference between enjoying every minute of a ride and wishing you hadn’t left the house in the first place. You need a jacket that will repel rain, keep the cold and wind out on breezy days, and not drench you in sweat from within. And even the most basic, relatively affordable packable jackets deliver that to some degree. Well, cycling jackets aren’t only for bad weather. Yes, they’re a vital outer layer during …

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Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Under £2,000

It feels like there’s a bike out there for any occasion, some have very small wheels and are designed to be easy to pick up and carry onto trains and busses (or even airplanes if the battery is under 300-watt-hours) while other models are almost like mopeds or motorcycles with 100+ mile range capability and regenerative braking. As a general rule, the more difficult the trail, the more rear suspension you’ll need on your vehicle. If you’re mountain biking, it’s …

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Comfortable Bike Saddle

Most Comfortable Bike Seats For Overweight Males & Females

Bicycle seats were clearly created by some kind of masochist. Affixing narrow, barely padded saddles to two-wheeled steeds and then asking us to sit there uncomfortably for hours on end is not ideal. No matter how strong your legs, how finely tuned your heart and lungs or how expensive and lightweight your bike, if your backside starts to hurt, both your ride enjoyment and average speed can plummet. You’ll constantly be shifting around and trying to find a comfier position …

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Mountain vs Road Bikes

What’s The Difference Between Mountain & Road Bikes?

Are you on the lookout for a new bicycle? There has almost certainly never been a better time to purchase one. Bikes have become more functional, dependable, and enjoyable to ride over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that the variety has expanded from a few basic styles (e.g., road, mountain, city) to now include a plethora of niches and categories-within-categories, as bike manufacturers are diversifying their products to cater to the various modes of riding …

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Vitus Sentier 27 VR

Vitus Sentier 27 VR Review – Mountain Bike 2021

Wiggle’s own brands, dhb, Vitus, Nukeproof, LifeLine, and Prime Wheels, ideally represent Wiggle’s passion for sport and offering the best. Wiggle employees design, research, and produce these items in-house. In terms of quality and price, each brand remains the market leader. Vitus is one such Wiggle-owned name, a French cycle and cycling goods manufacturer well known for being Sean Kelly’s favourite bike manufacturer and for its steel cycle frame tubing and frames constructed with aluminium tubes bonded to aluminium lugs …

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Vitus Substance CRX

Vitus Substance CRX Review

What is an adventure road bike? A road bike (according to various sources on the web within my reach like the many, many dictionaries) is nothing but a bicycle for use on paved roads as opposed to rough terrain or racing tracks, especially one designed for competitive cycling. This means that they have to pass certain legal criteria/requirement to be accepted for road use. (Much like road-legal cars and road illegal cars) They are made for riding on public roads …

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Cycle King

Cycle King: Are They Any Good?

Founded in 1968 on the markets by Group Chairman Nick Thake, then moved to the first store Cycle King Sawbridgeworth in 1972, Cycle King & Hawk Cycles now sell from 27 stores around the UK (23 of which are in England alone), taking pride in their goods and sound advice obtained from 50 years of trading experience. With 27 locations throughout the UK, it is part of the largest family-run cycle chain. Cycle King has a wide range of bikes, …

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Muddyfox Anarchy 100 & 400

Muddyfox Anarchy 100 & 400 Reviews

We review the brand. Purchasing a new bike is a significant investment. On the market, there are several well-known brands. We like Muddyfox the most of all of them. It is a trustworthy vendor with 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry. Cyclists all over the world are familiar with the brand. They have held an important role over the years, and you can be confident that when you buy a bike from them, you are getting a high-quality …

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Best Cycling Shoes for Beginners

Best Cycling Shoes for Beginners

Cycling shoes that fit properly keep your feet comfortable, boost power transfer, and allow air to enter to keep your feet cool on hot days. They’re an underappreciated component of any cyclist’s wardrobe, and they don’t have to be expensive. The right cycling shoes will provide you with comfort while unlocking your performance potential, as they are an important piece of equipment with a wide range of options. We choose the best. Used with cleats, cycling shoes hold your foot …

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best full suspension mountain bike under 1500

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under £1500

A full-suspension mountain bike has a suspension fork upfront as well as a rear shock, while a hardtail bike only has a suspension fork. The type of suspension used on a mountain bike affects the bike’s control, traction, and comfort, as well as how pleasant it is to ride. If you’re shopping for a new mountain bike, you’ll inevitably face a big choice: Full-suspension or Hardtail? Hardtail mountain bikes can be great getting power to the road just like a …

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