Cycle King: Are They Any Good?

Founded in 1968 on the markets by Group Chairman Nick Thake, then moved to the first store Cycle King Sawbridgeworth in 1972, Cycle King & Hawk Cycles now sell from 27 stores around the UK (23 of which are in England alone), taking pride in their goods and sound advice obtained from 50 years of trading experience.

With 27 locations throughout the UK, it is part of the largest family-run cycle chain. Cycle King has a wide range of bikes, many of which are low-cost. Cycle King & Hawk Cycles stock and show over 60,000 bikes, with the majority of them ready to go the same day! In addition to thousands of spares for all of your commuting needs.


Cycle King stores specialise in a wide variety of the best bikes in the UK, from the smallest child to the most discerning adult. New customers are still blown away by the enormous range, which caters to everybody in the family.

Cycle king has always strived to provide thoroughly reliable bicycles, spares, and accessories at the best possible prices since its inception in 1968.

They guarantee that they have never compromised on the product’s consistency or source. If you see what appears to be a similar item at a lower price, the quality is almost certainly inferior.

Cycle King bikes come with an extended warranty programme. Bikes purchased during the last six months and for up to a year are protected by the Cycle King guarantee. All you have to do is return the cycle to one of the 27 Cycle King locations, ideally the closest one to you, and they will inspect it for you. As a result, you can almost always rely on Cycle King to provide high-quality cycling products at a reasonable price.

One drawback however is that Cycle King stores all hold the same inventory, but since they lack a computerised stock system, they cannot always search individual branches for availability. The models available on their website ( are existing stock models, but if your local store is temporarily out of stock, they can be purchased for you from whichever shop division has them.

Cycle King & Cycle to Work

Cycle King is also a major proponent of cycling to work (via the “Cycle to Work Scheme”) or school instead of driving or taking the bus. After all, they are a cycling retailer, so it is quite predictable and intuitive.

Cycling to work has many advantages, including saving money on gasoline or other modes of transportation and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The Cycle to Work scheme has been promoted by the government in order to enable people to cycle to and from work. It’s intended to help you buy a bike and get started with everything you need for a daily cycling commute! So, how exactly does it work?

What is the Cycle to Work scheme?

Simply put, the Cycle to Work scheme encourages workers to assist their workers in purchasing a bike tax-free via a wage reduction scheme. The employer buys the employee’s preferred bike and then lends it to the employee. This is a tax-free advantage such that it is mostly used to travel to and from work or for all work-related reasons.

The employer and employee then agree to a debt sum, which is deducted from the employee’s salary before tax and national insurance.

The employee is offered the option to purchase the bike for a small fee at the end of the hire term. This covers any devices or modifications bought in conjunction with the bike. If the employee wishes not to purchase the bike, it is returned to the employer.

If you want to learn more? The best way to begin would be at your workplace. This arrangement may not be available to all employers, but many do. They will also provide you with more guidance.

If you’re ready to start searching for bikes, look through the categories mentioned below. You may also begin by browsing Cycle King ‘s catalogue, if you’re looking for ideas.

Why cycle to work?

There are many compelling excuses to ride your bike to work. Check out the list below. Hopefully, you’ll be persuaded to give it a shot!

Excellent for your fitness
The National Health Service suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise each week. This involves walking, which amounts to about 30 minutes of cycling every day for a typical 5-day work week. This means you’ll be going beyond and above this target on a daily basis! Cycling on a regular basis has also been shown to boost your cardiovascular fitness (your heart) and increase lung capacity and performance, making you fitter!

It aids in weight loss.
Cycling to and from work every day will help turn the body into a fat-burning machine! The more you exercise, the more fat-burning enzymes you make. This means that even though you’re sleeping, you’ll burn more calories on average. A 15-minute walk to and from work 5 days a week burns the equivalent of 3/4 stone of fat per year!

+ Cycling benefits the community.
You will reduce your carbon emissions by reducing the amount of time you spend in your vehicle. Combating climate change has never been more critical, and even cycling to and from work will help! Not just that, but you’ll save a lot of money on parking and gas every week.

Cycle King and Klarna

In addition to the Cycle to work initiative, Cycle King also support the Klarna programme which allows you to buy a cycle and pay later across 1 year. This enables you the end-user to ride your dream bike and pay for it over 12 months. Their website says you can pay a deposit at purchase and 12 equal monthly payments.
The monthly payments are then collected automatically from your chosen payment method and are deducted at no interest or additional hidden fees or costs. Klarna is available on purchases over £280.

Simply select Klarna ‘Pay later’ at checkout, enter your address, email, phone number and card details and your deposit will be taken from your card when your goods are shipped. Receive your bike immediately and enjoy! The remaining payments are then to be taken over 12 months. Ultimately, you will receive notifications when payment is due and when it is collected.

Shopping with Klarna
Klarna is easy to use, secure, and safe. You just pay for products that you receive with Klarna’s Buyer Protection. Feel free to contact customer care if you do not get what you ordered. Choose Klarna. You will pay later at the checkout. Enter your address, email, phone number, and credit card details. When the orders are delivered, the first portion of your bill will be deducted from your card. Receive your bike and have fun!

The outstanding payments will be collected after 30 and 60 days. You will be notified when payment is due and when it is received. Ride now and pay later. The first third is due at the time of purchase, followed by the next two in 30 and 60 days. Monthly fees are immediately deducted from the preferred payment form. There are no interest or fees.

It is simple to use Klarna; all you need is a UK bank account, a UK residential address, and to be at least 18 years old.

Visit or update the Klarna app to see your monthly statement and recent sales. If you need any additional assistance, please contact Klarna by phone or via their online chat service.

Customer service can be found at
Local phone number: 0203 0050 833 Toll-free number: 0808 1893 333

Maintenance and Repairs

Cycle King assures consumers that their shops are open for business as usual, with some new guidelines in place. They continue to help our great NHS and EMS staff and offer a 10% discount off spares and maintenance to both NHS and EMS workers; just show them your ID badge or uniform. Call your nearest Cycle King shop for more detail on person repair availability.

They take pride (and rightly so) in their robust service facilities, which can handle any repair at any Cycle King retail location. Please contact your local store for pricing and more details on the services and repairs offered by CK, as well as to schedule an appointment for your bike to be serviced or repaired. Both stores’ details can be found on the website’s shop locator.

Here is a breakdown of the services they offer and their respective prices as found on their website

Transmission Gear service – £18.00
Adjust front/rear mech – £12.00
Replace chain or c/set & adjust gears – £18.00
Replace front mech (BB fitting) – £23.00
Replace front or rear mech – £15.00
Replace gear cable (F or R) – £15.00
Replace left-hand crank – £9.00
Replace brake/shift lever (F or R) – £15.00
Brakes Service + replace parts (F or R) – £14.00
Service + replace parts (F and R) – £19.00
Hydraulic brake service – £29.00
Bottom Bracket service. Replace BB cartridge – £23.00
(£12 when done with any service)
Headset/Forks Replace/service headset – £16.00
Replace front forks std or suspension – £16.00
Replace wheel – £14.00
Replace front/rear spindle – £15.00
Replace tube or tyre – £10.00
Replace rear tyre and or tube on Dutch type – £19.00
Replace rear tyre and or tube (wheel only) – £8.00
True wheel – £18.00
True wheel including replacing spokes (up to 5) – £22.00
Build wheel (Standard) – £36.00
Build wheel (Motor) – £50.00
Fitting child seat/computer/pannier carrier/replace handlebars and/or stem/stay fitting – £6.00
Quick fit mudguards/replace handlebar grips/fitting dynamo set or fitting stand/pump/seat post – £8.00
Child’s bike service (No gears/20″) – £20.00
Bike Cleaning (includes free starter pack worth £14.99) – £29.00

Delivery by Click and Collect

All cycles for home delivery are packaged in the original manufacturer’s carton. These are around 85 percent built, but they will need some self-assembly and a few final tinkerings before they are ready to use.

Will any assembly be needed when you unpack it? A typical assembly will consist of (but is not limited to):

Attachment of the seat and post to the frame
Attaching the handlebars to the frame/fork
Attaching the crank to pedals.
Attaching the front wheel to the fork
Minor adjustments to the brakes and gears are needed.
Assembly necessitates the use of standard equipment. (An adjustable wrench, hex wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver are all popular tools.)
For bikes with bolt-on pedal cranks, a socket set is also recommended and will be needed. A complete list of tools available for assembly can be found in the instruction manual.

How do I place an order?

Start by browsing their website and selecting some items from their extensive catalogue. When you’ve decided on a purchase, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to place it in your shopping cart. If you’ve chosen several items but want to delete one, simply click the ‘pot’ icon in your shopping cart. After you’ve decided the items, you want to buy, press the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. This will take you to a safe checkout page, where you can enter your payment and shipping details. All payments are made by PayPal or Google Checkout. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, and Solo cards are all accepted. Payments must be made electronically via a safe checkout system. Unfortunately, they don’t accept telephone, fax, or email


In conclusion, Cycle King is one of the most convenient places for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts alike. And they offer very compelling choices and programmes to allow you to either get into cycling and/or continue being a cyclist with ease and without breaking bank. With stores all over the UK, there’s no excuse to not pay them or at least their website a visit.

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