Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Whether you are male or female, having wide feet brings all kinds of inconveniences and is even worse for cyclists. Coming across a pair of cycling shoes that caters for wide feet is almost impossible. Most shoe manufacturers, hardly pay enough attention to this segment of the market.

Also, most cyclists haven’t realised yet how much they need a good pair of cycling shoes for wide feet. This can be such a drawback since your performance largely depends on the kind of shoes you wear as a biker. Cycling shoes can be quite unforgiving. Unlike regular shoes, they are usually rigid and are made out of materials that hardly stretch over time.

Therefore, most cyclists often opt for large shoes to get that extra room for their feet. What they don’t know is that doing so can bring more harm. You may feel okay when wearing big shoes, but doing so practically changes your foot slip. You’ll reduce not only your power but also your efficiency, and your riding experience as well will be somewhat awful.

According to cycling physiotherapists, you should only wear cycling shoes that fit you perfectly. Failure to do so may cause lots of rubbing around your little toe. You may then end up getting hot spots, numbness and pain on your feet.

When making cycling shoes, most designers only cater to the average cyclist to serve the market’s largest segment. Therefore, finding the best cycling shoes for wide feet is nothing but strenuous. However, despite their scarcity, some brands do make a few wide models.

Read on to see our top picks of some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet available in the market right now:

Buying Guide for Wide Cycling Shoes

You’ll need to identify the following features before purchasing cycling shoes for wide feet. Whether you intend to practice mountain biking or do a triathlon, you’ll need the best cycling shoes for wide feet that fits your budget..


Like every other shoe, the material used to manufacture cycling shoes for wide feet is an important consideration. Your feet, without a doubt, become hot when cycling, and they’ll feel hotter depending on how much harder you cycle. Overheated feet tend to suffer from blisters due

to friction. There’s also a distinct possibility of the worst-case scenario that your feet can develop Athlete’s foot.

Therefore, consider getting a pair of wide cycling shoes that have a breathable mesh on the upper side. Such options facilitate ventilation, which is absolutely vital for keeping your feet dry at all times, especially when cycling.


The materials that comprise any type of shoe, cycling shoes included, affect its overall weight. The sole material, in particular, is a vital factor, as well as the material that makes up the cleats.

As much as possible, avoid a heavy cycling shoe since it may bring about extra fatigue. Remember, weight can make or break your biking workout.

Sole and Arch Support

When about it comes to the sole and arch support, the best consideration all comes down to personal preference. In other words, different cyclists require different levels of support for ultimate performance and comfort. Therefore, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you. Consider options with quality in-sole designs since they help balance any pedalling load applied to your arch and at the same time, preventing pain.

As for the soles, consider a lightweight material that won’t bring about fatigue through exertion. Try on a few pairs to identify the one which best suits your wide feet.

Shoe Style

Another crucial factor is the style of the cycling shoes. There are all kinds of cycling workouts and sports all over the world. Therefore, pick a cycling shoe that aligns with the type of cycling you practise.

For instance, a road cycling shoe requires cleats that are compatible with your bike’s pedals. It should also have upper ventilation and a low-profile sole to facilitate comfortability.

On the other hand, a triathlon style shoe has plenty of ventilation and is incredibly lightweight as well. It may also include Velcro straps for easy adjustability since most of these shoes are also compatible with both two and three-bolt mounts.

Cleat Compatibility

The cleat system of a cycling shoe largely determines the pedals and type of bike you can use.

Because of their design, cleats cannot be interchanged between systems.

You’ll find some that are compatible with the three-bolt mount, while others with the two-bolt support. It’s absolutely critical that you double-check the shoe’s description to avoid buying incompatible cycling shoes.

Closure options

As for closure setups, it all boils down to the shoe’s function and personal preference. For instance, most triathlon shoes feature Velcro straps to facilitate quick adjustments and simple removal.

Most brands, however, apply a mix of different closure systems to deliver the best support and fit. Some of the best wide cycling shoes employ wired laces with tension dials, while others come with ratcheting buckles.


It may sound obvious but, buying cycling shoes in the correct size can save you much discomfort. A small size shoe will undoubtedly pinch your toes, while a large size shoe will tend to slip out. The good news is that all the show brands in this list have whichever shoe size you need.

To avoid wrong shoe size problems, first, refer to the brand’s size chart. And if necessary, consult size conversions to get the correct size as per your location.

The Five Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi Scarpe Alba 2 Mega, Men's Alba 2 Mega
The Sidi Scarpe Alba 2 Mega is undoubtedly one of the best fitting cycling shoes for wide feet out there. Coming from a renowned brand, it is one of the few that boasts a specialised design to carter for wide feet bikers. And if they feel too wide for you, it’s also available in a standard size width.

What’s more remarkable is the shoe’s closure setup. It comes with two Velcro straps alongside a BOA closure. Through these, the shoe achieves even distribution of pressure over the instep area and excellent snugness, especially at the top.

One of the top selling points of the Sidi Alba 2 is its impressive breathability. It features tiny ventilation holes in strategic positions, which deliver excellent airflow in regions where your foot tends to overheat.

As you’d expect, this wide cycling shoe then comprises premium materials in its construction. Its upper side features a Polytex fabric that includes multiple overlapping layers. Altogether these layers are highly resistant to fading, rips and stretching, all of which enhances the shoe’s durability.

As for the soles, it includes Millenium 4 Carbon composite material which is sturdy enough to transfer power down to the pedals perfectly. Moreover, the TECHNO-3 system dials enable the shoe’s upper portion to adapt to your foot’s shape for a custom fit.

With the Sidi Scarpe Alba 2 wide cycling shoes, your feet will feel comfortable and fresh even after cycling for lengthy distances. The toe box is perfectly accommodating, and you don’t have to fret if your feet will fit.


  • The soft instep 3-closure system for a snug fit
  • Ventilation holes for excellent ventilation
  • Polytex fabric with multiple overlapping layers
  • Millenium 4 Carbon Composite sole for power transfer to the pedals
  • TECHNO-3 system dials to achieve a custom fit
SHIMANO SH-TR9 Black Pearl 2021 Cycling Shoes Cycling Shoes
As far as comfort is concerned, the SHIMANO SH-TR9 cycling shoe deserves some bragging rights. For one, it includes a faux leather top that is quick to clean and retains colour over time.

The material then features perforations and incorporates a mesh to enhance breathability. So even during a triathlon, the 3D mesh will come in handy to keep your feet fresh and dry. The toe cap helps improve ventilation while improving firmness at the same time.

More importantly, the SHIMANO SH-TR9 comes with dual Velcro alongside its loop straps for fastening. This design is quite user-friendly since it allows for easy and quick transitions. Additionally, the SH-TR9 comes with a foam insole and a soft fabric lining. Therefore, its lightweight insole delivers a super comfortable feel.

The shoe’s collar is padded, while the heel is asymmetrical. It has a loop at the back, to ensure quick and straightforward on/off pull during transitions. You need a firm sole to allow you to transfer power from your feet muscles to the pedal constantly. Luckily, this shoe has carbon fibre soles that provide remarkable support.

Because it’s made out of lightweight materials, this shoe is incredibly light which makes it perfect as a lightweight option for quick movements. It uses the 3-hole cleat system making also makes it highly compatible with PD-9000 pedals.


  • Faux leather top for easy cleaning
  • 3D mesh to enhance breathability
  • Dual Velcro hook alongside loop straps for fastening
  • Carbon fibre sole for effective transition of power
  • Asymmetrical heel for quick pull on and off
  • Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort and fit
Giro Men's Apeckx Ii Road Cycling Shoes
Next on the list are the Giro Apeckx Cycling Shoes for wide feet which has impressive air circulation thanks to its mesh cut-outs and top-quality micro-fibre construction. Your feet will effectively remain fresh and cool even while cycling in hot environments.

Unlike many other brands, this shoes incorporate the Aegis-treated antimicrobial inner lining that helps prevent foot odour. However, if you prefer a carbon fibre sole, then the Giro Apeckx isn’t your type of cycling shoe.

Unlike most cycling shoes, it features a DuPont Zytel Nylon Plate for a sole instead which actually compares to that of carbon fibre in terms of durability and rigidity. It’s far less costly and you will enjoy a similar performance to high-end cycling shoe models but at a much lesser price.

This cycling shoe has a versatile yet straightforward structure, with its tongue featuring dense padding that couples up with a set of offset straps. Both features are incredibly useful in easing the pressure exerted on the shoe while cycling. Its midsection is also pretty wide to perfectly

accommodate wide feet and provide a snug fit.

The Giro Apeckx offers similar and probably better features similar to the ones in high-end models. It may be cheaper than other cycling shoes designed for wide feet but still delivers matches them in terms of performance.


  • Mesh cut-outs and a top-quality micro-fibre construction for breathability
  • Aegis-treated antimicrobial inner lining to prevent foot odour
  • DuPont Zytel Nylon Plate for a firm sole
  • Densely padded tongue with offset straps for a better fit and pressure distributing
  • Wide midsection to carter for wide feet
Bont Unisex's Vaypor S Reflective Road Biking Shoes
If a stiff cycling shoe for wide feet is what you are after, the Bont Vaypor S perfectly fits the bill. It’s among the few cycling shoes whose shape resembles that of the feet. However, the anatomical design and performance doesn’t come cheap.

The has feet-like shape of the Vaypor S is rare a feature in the cycling market. Its toe box is impressively broad and round, thanks to its anatomical shaping, making it one of the best cycling shoes for wide feet.

The shoe’s design isn’t the best-looking as far as first impressions are concerned. Its shape, however, delivers enough room for your feet to spread, just like they would when you’re walking naturally. According to the manufacturer, the form allows even distribution of the pedalling load over a wider surface.

Like other Bont shoes, the Vaypor S doesn’t need custom footbeds or arch wedges for support. Instead, it includes a bathtub-shaped outsole, a proper heel cup and medial longitudinal arch support to achieve the necessary support for your foot.

The shoe then locks your foot inside its carbon plate instead of placing it on top. This prevents your foot from spilling over the edge which in turn avoids supination or pronation. Note that, since the plate surrounds your feet, you should always order the correct width. The Vaypor S is

available in Wide, Standard, Narrow, and Asian-fit choices.

Its medial longitudinal arch support helps prevent your foot’s arch from collapsing. To achieve this, it uses the help of the Durolite non-stretch upper and the sole which enables your joint chains to continue tracking straight.


  • Bath-tub shaped outsole for support
  • Anatomically shaped like natural feet for even distribution of pedalling load
  • Carbon plate for the sole and heel
  • Available in different widths for the best fit
  • Durolite non-stretch upper for maintaining your foot’s arch
  • Boa dials to keep your foot in place
Venzo Bicycle Men's or Women's Road Cycling Riding Shoes - 3 Straps- Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta - Perfect for Road Racing Bikes
You don’t need to break the bank to acquire comfortable cycling shoes for wide feet. The Venzo Road Cycling Shoes prove just that. In other words, they are an excellent pick for any cyclist on a budget.

The design includes an impressive three-cleat system that is adjustable to satisfy the needs of the pedal you are using. The shoe features a convenient breathable mesh upper which not only keeps your feet fresh and dry, also helps the shoe dry itself up anytime it gets wet.

More importantly, the Venzo cycling shoe use are designed using lightweight materials. Therefore, they will hardly weigh you down, especially when you are cycling hard. The shoe’s versatility is worth mentioning as well. It not only works well on the road but also off-road and on a spin cycle to boot.

Equally important, is the fact that this wide cycling shoe is compatible with the Peloton Shimano SPD. It comes with a removable sock liner, which means you can also wear your other cycling socks if you desire. Alternatively, you may wash the sock liner every time after use if you want to keep the shoes as clean as possible.


  • Highly breathable mesh for ventilation
  • 3-cleat system compatible with most pedals
  • Lightweight and stylish synthetic upper
  • Textile lining with detachable sock liner
  • Low-cut design for fast fit and light feel
Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe, White/Black- 45.5, White/Black
Last but certainly not least is the Fizik Tempo R5 which boasts an impressive balance between durability and comfort.

This shoe is available in varying colours, even though its design is slightly atypical with an over-curve. In other words, it has an asymmetrical construction which makes the shoe efficiently and ergonomically align to the shape of your foot.

Moreover, this cycling shoe from Fizik does include an R5 nylon composite outsole. Apart from enhancing the shoe’s overall durability, this outsole also adds to its overall comfort and, most importantly, the pedalling efficiency.

It comes with a Microtel upper, which is also durable, sturdy, and remarkably comfortable to provide your foot with a consistent fit. It’s not the most versatile cycling shoe and works best on paved roads.

Another key feature of the Fizik Tempo R5 is the reflective heel cup which facilitates safe cycling by enhancing your visibility on the road and making sure vehicles have an easy time spotting you. Its mechanical reel, nylon guides and Boa IP1 closure setup all ensure a glove-like fit and feel.


  • Reflective heel cap for visibility
  • Asymmetrical construction for ergonomic conformity
  • A nylon composite outsole for pedalling efficiency and durability
  • Microtel upper for fit and breathability
  • Boa IP1 closure set up and mechanical reel for a glove-like fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands make the best cycling shoes for people with wide feet?

Shoe brands that genuinely support cyclists with wide feet are pretty few. Most brands, at best, only design and make cycling shoes with a general fit and not particularly for wide feet. As a result, it isn’t easy to find wide options even from some renowned brands.

Fortunately, some brands design a few different options to serve the wide feet minority in the market. Below are the top brands that design the best cycling shoes for wide feet:


What’s the difference between high-volume and wide cycling shoes?

High-volume shoes come with more upper fabric. This allows them to provide extra room to allow your feet to spread out and consequently lead to a spill-over. Spill-over isn’t comfy, though, and such shoes hardly last long than wide cycling options.

In contrast, cycling shows designed for wide feet have extra space around the toe box section, making them naturally suitable for broad feet. So, when choosing between high-volume and cycling shows for wide feet, we would generally recommend going for the wide options.

Why does one need wide cycling shoes?

The trick to enhancing foot function involves offering extra room for the forefoot bones. And doing so facilitates the dynamic movement of your metatarsals under load cycles.

Special cycling shoes for wide feet add width and particularly address the forefoot shape and the foot shape in general.

Should I wear socks with cycling shoes?

Most cycling shoes have a snug fit that keeps your feet from slipping around while pedalling. For the same reason, you ought to always put on some cycling socks too. They are thin, and they won’t stretch your shoes..

Can I wear my wide cycling shoes for walking?

Walking in cycling shoes is generally ill-advised. The reason being, you will practically be brushing the cleats of your shoe against the ground. This may damage the shoes and affect how the cleats and the pedals work together. As a result, your cycling will, of course, be negatively affected.

Is natural leather ideal for cycling use?

Some cyclists prefer leather cycling shoes due to their durable nature. Leather also helps in shaping your feet, but without proper breathability, your feet may get too sweaty. Fortunately, most cycling shoes comprise mesh inserts and numerous perforations to allow ventilation and keep your feet fresh when cycling.


You need to utilise all your feet and leg muscles while cycling, and that’s only possible with proper footwear. Having the right cycling shoes for wide feet will help avoid discomfort or even injuries to your feet while cycling.

Other than avoiding discomfort and injuries, you will also enhance your cycling efficiency, and your feet will be thankful for it.

We recommend all the shoe options in this list above are among the best out there. Just pick the one cycling shoe that best suits your wide feet.

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