SRAM GX Eagle Review

SRAM GX Eagle GroupsetSRAM’s Mountain Bike Groupsets are known for their quality innovation and outstanding performance of their products. The American-based brand is the engineer behind the creative 12-Speed Eagle Mountain Bike Groupset and the 1X system.

After the Mountain Bike Groupset established the SRAM’s Mountain Bike Groupset Hierarchy qualification, the SRAM Mountain Bike Groupset invented the Eagle, a 12-Speed Cassette that offers the full scope of dual chainrings with a solo ring upfront. The popularity of Eagle led to SRAM’s development of an advanced Groupset hierarchy for Eagle alone, with its initial production being the SX Eagle that was affordable and the XX1 Eagle gaining popularity as the company’s best-selling accessory.                               

Product Overview

The SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 Speed MTB cassette is engineered for smooth shifting and reliability for boundless freedom on your ride. The cassette is created using the Fin Pin Technology that uses “11 lightweight engraved steel cogs grasped together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. This technology results in a durable and light cassette that comes with SRAM’s Superwide gear that is ideal for any ride.  

The cassette has a wide 10-50 gear range integrated with the latest X-Glide drivetrain that offers exceptional shifting performance and does not compromise on its power or speed. The XG-1275 GX 12-Speed has a redesigned chainring geometry that positions the chainring to the chain pivot pin rather than the chain link, ensuring that you experience a great ride without a misplaced shift.


  • Cassette Body Type: SRAM XD 12-Speed
  • Cassette Cogs: 
  • Colour: Black 
  • Drivetrain Speeds: 12
  • Range: 10-52
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Brand: SRAM 
  • Bike type: Mountain/ E-bike


These are the parts that make the SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed MTB Cassette:

  • GX Eagle Carbon Crankset

The SRAM Carbon GX Eagle Crankset ensures that you experience a consistent performance every time you ride. The Carbon GX features another great SRAM’s X-AYNC 2 tooth chainring. The crankset is designed to control the chain fully. Every tooth’s thickness is accurately toleranced and controlled to function efficiently with the inner chain and the outer links. The crankset uses a new technology called Double Unified Botton Bracket(DUB) Technology that attributes to a better-designed better bottom and a better spindle design. The features allow a more steady technique to the bottom bracket fitment, greater sealing against contamination, and it is compatible on both forward and backward. This ensures that you enjoy the new measure of longevity. 

  •  XD Driver Body 

The XD Driver body interface is a 6-8 grams lighter accessory. It provides greater axle hold up via bearing location, a safer cassette interface that removes driver body connection and permits a bigger cassette range and a smaller weight with a 10 tooth initial cassette. 

The XD driver body can be installed and removed by the use of common tools and practices. 

  •  XG 1275 Eagle

The XG-1275 cassette gives you the proper gears for every terrain, whether you are riding downhill or on steep ramps. The XG-1275 Eagle is an important part of the SRAM Eagle Drivetrain system; the cassette is lighter, easier to use, simple, and has a long life.

The cassette is made of aluminum sprockets and a punched steel sprocket wheel that warranties high durability. The chain wheel is connected using stainless steel pins that reduce the weight of the full pin cassette. XG-1275 has teeth enhanced with SRAM’s X-Glide 2 Technology that ensures efficient performance while you are shifting up and down. This open design also aids in self-cleaning when in muddy conditions. 

This accessory has a wider bandwidth with 10-50 teeth that provide more reserves for extra steep climbs. With an increased bandwidth of 520%, professional riders can cycle on a larger chainring without weakening the bike’s capabilities. This advancement enables an efficient cassette with a top speed.

  • GX Eagle Chain

The SRAM XG-1275 12-Speed Carbon MTB comes with a GX Eagle chain that is engineered with SRAM’s Eagle geometry. The chain features firm pin construction, Eagle Powerlock, and an efficient, smooth shifting that you can rely on at any time.

SRAM chain developers engineered the PowerLock as a free, sure, and compatible way to join our chains. The PowerLock chain connector with FLOW LINK technology gives excellent chain-guiding and high durability. The PowerLock does not need an exceptional tool to install.


The SRAM XG-1275 12 Speed Carbon is compatible with the SRAM XD body. The 12 -Speed cassette fits the current XD driver. This reduces the distance between the sprockets making the chain to be narrower. The cassette is enhanced for the Eagle 12- Speed as it has the latest X-Glide 2 in the SRAM X-Glide technology. This advancement provides a fast and accurate shifting in the whole gear range and improves the chain grip on the bigger sprockets.  


Assembling a cassette to your Mountain Bike is an easy practice. Check if your SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed is compatible with your Mountain Bike. If it is, let’s continue with the installation.

  • Carefully examine the splines on the freehub body. There is a wide space between the splines that are supposed to fit into the splines of the cogs. 
  • Add a little grease to the freehub and the cogs.
  • Align the spacers.
  • Align the freehub wide space with the cogs splines.
  • Grease the lockring threads and thread the lockring back into the freehub.
  • Install the quick-release skewer and thread the skewer nut on the outer part of the lockring tool.
  • Tighten the skewer nut against the remover. 
  • Now, turn the remover in a clockwise direction until the lockring is tight.
  • Now your GX Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed is fully installed.


Accurate installation of the SRAM GX 1275 Eagle XG- 1275 is rewarded by a quiet and smooth shifting. With the 10-52t gear, the rider benefits from comparable little steps from each cog, resulting in fine changes rather than dramatic ones.

When you’re riding and run out of energy, you can switch up to 52t cog, which brings a noticeable change and a swift pace. The Eagle XG-1275 is truly a rescue gear that aids in slowly tackling steep environments and prolonged climbs.   

The SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 offers a smooth shift from a high gear to a low gear and a low gear to a high without a sign of struggle from the rear mech or the use of extra force.   


  • Smooth, efficient shifting: the GX Eagle XG 1275 has super easy relief gear for big days in rough terrains.
  • The cassette has a good price-quality ratio.
  • The cassette is durable and reliable.
  • It is a good advancement from the previous GX group.


  • It has a relatively high weight. 
  • The cassette-only fits on an XD body.
  • The cassette is expensive when compared to other cassettes in the same group.
  • The cassette tends to take more time in the 42t as the 52t feels easy and lacks the power needed for more practical climbs.

Our Honest Review

If you are one of the strong spandex climbers and like to cover long distances, then this cassette is for you. For riders who have been waiting for a cassette that would be a game-changer, the SRAM GX Eagle is the answer. The SRAM GX is a reliable, consistent, and great performer that aids riders to up their game while lowering their chances of respiratory failure.

The SRAM GX does not have many cons. However, it is a bit expensive for those looking out on the budget side. Though expensive, the cassette is of great value to your money as it is of quality and durable. It is more resilient, and the shift work in an excellent way. 

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