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Best Cycling Shoes Under £100

Your feet are one of the most important contact points on a bike, so it’s critical to choose the perfect cycling shoes wisely. Choosing the wrong pair can be an expensive endeavour and soon can lead to discomfort and/or pain. Do I need cycling shoes? Cycling enthusiasts and indoor cycling junkies love wearing cycling shoes. The reason is that, these stiff-bottomed pairs that clip to the pedals of the bike give them a smoother and more efficient ride. If cycling …

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Best Hybrid Bikes For £300, £500 & £1,000 Budgets

Do you want to start cycling but are constantly plagued by the pain of choice? Or maybe you’re looking for advice on what bikes are affordable, as every other bike you see has exorbitant prices and jargon that’s beyond the average layperson’s comprehension. Cyclists and cyclists-to-be, here’s a quick, easy-to-understand guide/review to help you choose your next long-time hybrid bike at any price range Now, what is a hybrid bike? Hybrid (oftentimes referred to as cross bikes) are almost just …

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best road bike under 1500

Best Road Bikes For Under £1500

Do you want to get into cycling but often find yourself suffering under the pain of choice? Or perhaps you seek guidance on what bikes might be affordable as every other bike you see is hyperbolic mad prices. Cyclists and cyclists-to be here are simple; easy to follow guide/review to help you decide on your next long-time road bike without breaking the bank. What is a road bike? A road bike (according to sources on the internet within my reach …

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Best Cycling Caps 2021

Best Cycling Caps

Top 5 Best Cycling Caps Of 2021 – What To Know Before Spending Your Money The cycling cap is a cyclist’s crown. It is part of your apparel and it complements your appearance. It plays a critical role on sunny days, as it shields your head. At the same time, it is just as handy on rainy days and can prevent rain from reaching your eyes – not to mention sweat. Furthermore, nothing is better than a cycling cap to …

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Best cycling watch 2021

Best Cycling Watch

How To Choose The Best Cycling Watch 2021 – Top 5 Options Based On People’s Recommendations These days, tracking your fitness and health is extremely simple – any smartphone can get the job done with nothing but a few apps, not to mention the plethora of other fitness gadgets. You can find power meters, heart rate monitors and the list can easily go on. With all these, nothing is more convenient than a watch. Choosing the best cycling watch will …

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Top 5 best head torches for cycling

Top 5 best head torches for cycling

Top 5 best head torches for cycling Night-time adventures are the most exciting thing you can do in winters! They say the darker the night is, the more exciting the adventure promises to be. But there is a difference between adventurous and scary. And the beam of light that defines how your adventure will shape out emanates from a quality torch. Yes, you read that right!  If you love to cycle on dark winter nights, all alone by yourself, you are …

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Best Knee Pads For Mountain Biking

Top 5 Best Knee Pads For Mountain Biking

Top 5 Best Knee Pads For Mountain Biking 2021 Mountain biking is an extreme sport; most people enjoy doing it as they are passionate about cycling. Others have developed the liking after seeing it on TV and social media sites. No matter what you drive and where your drive, safety always comes first. When you were a kid, your first ever tricycle ride was not without safety equipment, and as a grown-up, it should still be your priority. If you …

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best mountain bikes under 750

Top 5 best mountain bikes under 750

Top 5 best mountain bikes under 750 Bikes have become more advanced throughout the decades with better functions, more reliability, and a wide range of types to choose from, either mountain, road, or city. These niches are pretty basic. They include categories-within-categories because the manufacturers constantly keep a check on the trends and appealingly create their offerings to promote safe and fun bike riding journeys. There two main categories, namely, road bikes and mountain bikes, which are opposite. The former …

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Best full suspension Mountain bike under 1000

Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000

Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000 The majority of the people wish to have an extraordinary first bike, but their pocket doesn’t allow them. Those who are buying for the first time will surely don’t want to spend a lot. Before buying a mountain bike, one must look over all the aspects like geometry, its components, wheel size, etc. There are two types of mountain bikes which are hardtail and full suspension, but it depends on the …

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