Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000

Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000

The majority of the people wish to have an extraordinary first bike, but their pocket doesn’t allow them. Those who are buying for the first time will surely don’t want to spend a lot. Before buying a mountain bike, one must look over all the aspects like geometry, its components, wheel size, etc.

There are two types of mountain bikes which are hardtail and full suspension, but it depends on the surface you want to ride on, and it is your choice what type of suspension you want. Hardtail bikes do not have front and rear shocks, but the full suspension does have it.

And in this article, we will talk about full-suspension bikes as they are more capable and versatile for different tracks, and if you are a beginner, these are perfect for you.

These types of bikes are costlier than the hardtails, but it’s worth spending money on because of all the features it provides. But that does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars!

Different brands have kept the middle-class target market’s insight and have produced such types of bikes, which will provide you an amazing experience within your range.

If you can stretch your budget, around 800- 1000 will surely get you a top-notch bike!

If you want to take your riding next level and also budget-friendly, then we have got you covered!

Top 5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000.

  1. LITI Mountain Bike:
LITI 26" Mens 21/24/27-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame, Adult mountain bike (men and women), Pink
  • Tire: Conquer any off-road trail with ease with this steel-framed mountain bike with supersized all-terrain knobby tires
  • Responsive: From pavement to trails, get out and ride with the High Timber; steel mountain-style frame and suspension fork combine for a durable and responsive riding experience on a variety of terrain
  • 21/24/27-speed :twist shifters and a rear derailleur allow for smooth, precise gear changes out on the trail, on almost any surface or incline
  • Brake system: front and rear mechanical double disc brakes,Effective braking, sensitive braking, and safer braking
  • Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy integrated wheel set, lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy material, more powerful riding in the wind

Full suspension mountain bikes are more stable on bumpy roads and descending hills, and this is a smart choice for racing as the latest technology makes them more efficient than ever.

The first on the list is the LITI mountain bike. We have put this on top because of its amazing specs in a good price range; if you can stretch your budget to 800£, you can opt for this bike. This bike is a great option for newbies and people with budget constraints.

The lesser price of the product doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on any of the specifications that a high-end full suspension bike provides. You can read the specs yourself below!

Made up of lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy material with the same integrated wheelset allows more powerful riding in the wind. The tires are supersized all-terrain knobby tires, making it easier for the mountain bike rider to conquer and off-road tracks with ease.

This high timber mountain bike comes in multiple sizes, and the steel frame of the bike is durable for tough courses. Either you are riding on pavement or trails, this full suspension mountain bike has a suspension fork combine that will provide you with an excellent response on numerous tracks.

LITI Mountain Bikes’ brakes have front-rear mechanical double disc brakes that will make your journey safer, smoother as this braking system is very effective.

Not only that, but it also has seat adjustment, so that you can adjust it according to your height!

This product comes in three parameters in terms of speed that is 21 provides 15 kilometers for 1 hour, 24 provides 18 kilometers for one hour of cycling, 27 speeds for 22 kilometers for one hour.

The twist shifters and a rear derailleur are responsible for smooth shifting of gears, whether on a trail, inclined surface, or a pavement. They have covered it all.

  • Its geometry is suitable for smaller riders.
  • Stronger wheels provide better grip.
Not So Good
  • The lightweight affects the stability of the bike.
  • The 26-inch tires are not effective for bumpy trails and tracks
  1. YZ-YUAN 21- Speed Adult Mountain Bike:
YZ-YUAN Adult Mountain Bike, 26 inch 21-Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB ​​Gears Dual Disc Brakes Mountain Bicycle, Aluminum alloy Outdoors Mountain Bike B
  • For riders of different heights, easily conquer any off-road track. The front and rear dual disc brakes perfectly enhance the safety and controllability of the rider.
  • An ideal mountain bike for anyone looking for a strong and stable daily companion. This mountain bike combines price and performance effortlessly. With it, you can not only master the commute time to school or work every day, but also shake the city or forest! Five amazing colors are provided, so everyone can find a bike that suits them.
  • Technically speaking, it is well equipped relative to the price range. The basic structure is formed by an aluminum alloy frame, which has different sizes, and its geometry and stability are also excellent. It is extremely resistant to twisting and bending, and is extremely lightweight. Ensure comfortable driving.
  • Our bicycles are very suitable for driving in mountains, wasteland, and driving efficiently in roads, trails, and cities. This road bike is also a good gift. Various colors can meet your different needs. adult. Mountain bike, mountain bike 26 inch portabl mountain bike suspension bike mountain bike 26" bicycle adult mountain bike
  • We always value the durability, safety and riding comfort of bicycles. However, if something goes wrong, our customer service team can answer any questions you may have.

We know that many big brands produce quality mountain bikes; however, some small manufacturers give you the best products with great specifications whose costs are not even touching the sky.

Same is the brand named YZ-YUAN, whose bikes are manufactured by Y.WADE.

This mountain bike is fully equipped with everything so that a person can easily ride it on trails, tracks, and roads. The frame of the bike is made up of solid aluminum alloy, and the handlebar is combined with a lightweight aluminum alloy that provides stability and durability.

The manufacturers also produce stunt bikes, and it can also be ridden easily on mountainous regions, roads, trails, deserts, beaches, or even snow.

However, the mountain bikes are well equipped as it uses a hydraulic suspension front fork with the double-disc brake system to ensure the rider’s safety. The front dial of the bike is top force, and the rear dial is pushed back along with high-quality pedals and comfortable cushioning, and a 21-speed range.

The brand claims to provide after-sales service, too. If you have any other questions after receiving your bike, you can contact them anytime so that 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Excellent gear setup. 
  • Its parts are not very expensive to buy.
Not So Good
  • Uphill pedaling can be a challenge. 
  • The lighter weight shifts the center of gravity forward
  1. ZHTY 21 – Speed Mountain Bike:
ZHTY Mountain Bike Folding Bikes, 26In 21-Speed Double Disc Brake Full Suspension Anti-Slip, Lightweight Frame, Suspension Fork
  • Micro shift 21 speed twist shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear shifting.
  • Solid frame with front suspension fork and rear shock pump handles bumps and dips, make it a durable and stable mountain bikes.
  • It is fitted with a Quick-Release Clamp to assist in folding the bike quickly, it is easy to fold and stow in a corner of your apartment or in your car trunk taking it with you anywhere.
  • Dual disc brakes provide enhanced stopping power.
  • Designed to be the most fully featured and economical entry level mountain bike to meet all of your riding needs

Choosing a bike can be a complicated process. There is a wide range of specifications to look at, and with time, mountain bikes have been more advanced and equipped with the latest technology.

One cannot overlook these features as these will decide how your riding journey will be.

We have got you another best full suspension mountain bike under 1000, and this one is by the brand ZHTY. The front and the rear mechanical dual disc brakes ensure safety while riding as mountains are not easy to climb or ride.

This full-suspension bike has anti-slip technology that will make sure you do not slip on any surfaces. Other than that, its front fork has a frame which absorbs shocks in case of any accidents.

You can also fold this bike using the quick release clamp that will help you compact it in a smaller size so that you can fit it anywhere, any time.

Mountains, trails, and other tracks cannot be suitable for bike riding if your gears are not good, so to provide the best, it consists of micro shift 21-speed shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for accurate gear shifting. The front derailleur is AIMEGO 31.8 pulldown.

The rear dial of the bike is Emmego 04 Eye Dial with big PC environmental protection pedals.

  • Super quick and precise shifting of gears. 
  • It comes assembled, so you don’t have to put any effort on it. 
Not So Good
  • Only one variant is available.
  • Straight handlebars provide only one position, which can numb your hand after a long ride.
  1. CLOUDH Full Suspension Mountain Bike:
CLOUDH Folding Outroad Bicycles 24-Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB, Aluminum Alloy Hardtail Frame, Dual Disc Brakes, 26 Inch Lightweight Mountain Bike for Outdoor Adventures
  • FOLDABLE MOUNTAIN BIKE - Fast snap frame, complete folding in 8 seconds. By collapsing the frame, the front and rear wheels are folded in half, which can reduce the length by approximately 45%. The whole car can be placed in the trunk of the car after being folded. It can be folded and unfolded manually without external tools.
  • SHIMANO DRIVETRAIN - rear derailleur SHIMANO - SHIMANO twist shifter - front derailleur SHIMANO, the driver can set the 24-stage shifting system extremely reliably in all weather conditions on the road surface and driving conditions
  • DOUBLE DISC BRAKES AND PROFESSIONAL TIRES - Front and rear disc brakes can help cyclists stay safe even under high speed and low terrain. The anti-slip tires for mountain bikes have a super excellent anti-slip function, they have a strong grip, It can cope with hilly terrain, and the gear shift is great and smooth. All-terrain wide knob mountain tires are located on lightweight and durable alloy wheels for added stability
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION - 26 inch mountain bike, The hardtail frame is made of durable, rustproof aluminum and is lighter than steel. With a tire size of 26 inches and a frame size of 17 ", it is suitable for boys or girls, but also adults from approx. 170cm - 180cm
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET? - 85% pre-assembled, equipped with simple assembly tools, very easy to assemble. If the product has a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us

We know that full suspension bikes are more expensive to maintain due to their extra moving parts as compared to a hardtail, but we have solved your problem and picked out the best full suspension bike under 1000 for you.

The more you increase your budget, the better bike you can buy. If we talk about the best full suspension bike under 1000, this is the range we can find lightweight frames, a good gear system, adjustable shocks, etc.

Here is another option for you to choose from, and that is CLOUDH Full Suspension Mountain Bike. The brand claims to deliver the best driving experience to the riders, with unique design and sophisticated technology at economical prices.

The 26-inch full suspension mountain bike variant comes for £824.47, and you can easily find it on Amazon.

You can not only use this bike in the mountains, but it can also be used for racing purposes, on city roads, long training rides, trails, etc. It is made for everything.

It has a high configuration system, which means it has a high-pressure suspension fork with an absorption system that will help the rider on a bumpy road. It has a variable speed dial, shift front derailleur, shift rear derailleur of Shimano M370, and flywheel of Shimano M370 or SUGEK.

The double-disc brakes are mechanical butterfly brakes that will help the bike riders safely reach their destination. The diameter of the tire is 26-inch and has an excellent anti-slip function, and this is not only suitable for girls and boys, but adults can ride it as well. It has a strong grip, and you can easily ride it on hilly areas without any fear. These All-terrain wide knob mountain tires are situated on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels that enhance stability.

Not only the breaks and the gear provide shock-absorbing technology, but the frame of the cycle is also made up of 7001 aviation aluminum alloy frames with a shock-absorbing effect. The double aluminum alloy thick layer is not easy to rust, and this special thickening will also provide the cyclist protection over bumpy roads.

The brand recommends that you should ride this bike 165 -190cm of height.

  • Excellent brake system offers safety for the rider.
  • Material of the bike does not let it rust in severe weather.
Not So Good
  • Only one variant is available.
  • Not suitable for people with shorter heights. 
  1. TTZY 26- inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike:
TTZY 26 inch Folding Mountain Bikes,3 Cutter Wheels High Carbon Steel Frame Variable Speed Double Shock Absorption,All Terrain Quick Foldable Bicycle 6-11,21 Speed SHIYUE
  • If you have any questions, please contact us in time
  • A variety of styles to meet your needs
  • Easy to install the bike, even girls can easily install it
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, light weight and no burden, not easy to deform
  • Safe and environmentally friendly travel tool, you don't have to squeeze the bus with others after you have it.

There is no doubt that hardtail bikes provide simplicity in their designs, but they have front suspensions, enabling the manufacturers to play with the frame, but safety comes first, right?

Now you can get back on trails and tracks you were afraid of because you had to drive a hardtail because full suspension bikes will give you the confidence and provide shock absorption technology too.

Well, this mountain bike should be on your list as this one is the best of all we have discussed above!

This full-suspension mountain bike is a great fit for all! The quality is excellent with a solid frame, and durable welding technology makes it a rough and robust bicycle. It is also foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry with a quick-release clip so that you can quickly unfold it and get going on your journey, and its compact size will let you put it anywhere, even in the corner of your apartment.

The tires are unique as they are 26-inch, 3 spoke rim tires, which are more firm than ever. The speed is very smooth as it provides 21 speed that allows climbing hilly areas and difficult roads.

The frame of the bike is made up of high carbon steel that is a solid and strong triangular frame with a thicker tube than any of its variants and double shock absorption in both parts front and rear.

Like every other full suspension bicycle, this one also has a double-disc brake system. It will provide more safety to the riders than single breaks because if one isn’t working properly, the other one is there to support your bike.

The brand advises 90kg of the load over it. Apart from that, pedals and comfortable seats are included in the bicycle, which has to be fixed as this product comes 85% assembled.

The TTZY 26- inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike manufactured under LSONG has other variants, too, depending upon the specifications.

  • The folding feature lets you take the bike anywhere without taking too much space.
  • Longer wheelbases provide stability to the riders.
Not So Good
  • Does not come fully assembled in this price range.
  • Carbon steel frames may feel uncomfortable to some riders.


The technology in every field is ever-evolving, and the same is the case in mountain bikes. Most of you have a question in their mind: which type of bike they should buy? Hardtail or full suspension.

The answer is simple; look at your requirements! If you are a newbie and want to experience mountain riding, full suspension is the best option as its complex design with front and rear shock absorption will boost up your confidence, and this complexity has also raised the bar of durability.

Now, whether your trails are smooth, bumpy, or descending, this type will do every job for you as it has great gear and brake systems. You don’t only climb up a hill; you descend as well. This is why you should go for this type.

In the end, we can say that buying a full-suspension mountain bike is not an easy job to do. It requires a lot of research regarding everything.

On one side, you wish to have the most amazing bike to cover your journey. On the other hand, your budget is limited.

So, to help you out, we put up the best 5 full-suspension bikes that you can easily find online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

We believe that this article has kept you hooked up till the end and helped you make the right decision.

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