Top 5 best head torches for cycling

Top 5 best head torches for cycling

Night-time adventures are the most exciting thing you can do in winters! They say the darker the night is, the more exciting the adventure promises to be. But there is a difference between adventurous and scary. And the beam of light that defines how your adventure will shape out emanates from a quality torch.

Yes, you read that right! 

If you love to cycle on dark winter nights, all alone by yourself, you are going to need the best head torch for cycling. In case you are finalizing the gear and the backpack contents for your trips, now would be the perfect time to purchase a head torch for cycling. And in this discussion, we are going to discuss at least five ideal picks, which are just for your eye!

Top 5 best head torches for cycling

Now, we know that there is a lot of variety available in the market. A labyrinth of products that forms a maze, navigating through which requires a ray of light itself! And this discussion is going to be your guiding light! Without further ado, let us jump into the details that you have been waiting for!

1-Silva Trail Runner 2 Headlamp

Silva Trail Runner 2 Running headlight with Intelligent Light distribution - White,
  • Intelligent light distribution, ideal for running
  • Wide and comfortable headband
  • Lightweight and adjustable for a secure fit
  • 30 hours battery life and no USB is included with the product
  • 2 year Manufacturers warranty

If we were to answer a question that asks about two key features of the best head torch for cycling, our answer would be good light and decent battery life. And the product under discussion has got them both. To avoid redundancy, all of the head torches discussed in this article have got both of these features! 

Now, the thing that we want to highlight a bit more is its multipurpose nature. It is a given that you can use it for cycling, however, you can also use this head torch for night skiing as well since it comes with handlebar mounts and everything.

Now coming towards the more technical aspects of this cycling head torch, it can illuminate your pathway clearly with a powerful 660-lumen beam. The beam is composed of two lights! One is for peripheral vision while the other one allows you to have an idea of things at a fair distance.

There are three modes for you to switch to with regards to the width of the light beam. And since the buttons are not minuscule versions which we often find annoying, on a cycling torch, it is easy to operate the thing as well.


1- Decent battery life: The torch is likely to last eight hours or so, and is rechargeable.

2- Multipurpose.

3-Comes with a headband made of silicone rubber that minimizes the risk of slipping.

4- Perfect for adventures in cold weather since it can be easily operated with gloved hands.

5- Weighs only 120 grams.

Not So Good

1- Available in just one shade i.e. white.

2- A bit pricey.

2-Victoper Wesho Rechargeable Headlight

Victoper Wesho Rechargeable Headlight with 3 Lights 4 Modes, 6000 Lumen Super Bright LED Lamp, Hands-Free Flashlight Head Torch for Running, Camping, Fishing, Cycling, Hiking, Waterproof
  • 【Upgraded Battery & Long Lasting】High quality 1200mAh Li-polymer battery supports 4-4.5 hours fast charge which provides for 7-8 hours using time. Due to its advanced 1*L2 + 2* R2 LED bulbs design, the battery life of a full charge in each usage is three times longer than normal headlamps.
  • 【4 Normal Modes】 The headlamp have bright light in the middle - bright on both sides - three lights at the same time - three lights are flashing these 4 modes. Be prepared to adjust to a full range of lighting needs. Fit all adults and kids with it's stylish design.
  • 【90º Adjustable & Waterproof】The head torch can help you to see anything clear in ahead by pivoting the head down 90º to avoid the pavement cracks and obstacles. IPX5 water resistant grade, it's safe to use even when it's raining.
  • 【Comfortable & Lightweight】Super adjustable system bands will provide maximum comfort and that balances perfectly between the front and back of your head. Never get left in the dark again as a female customer also can use this headlamp.
  • 【Multifunctional Usages】Extremely suitable for jogging , cycling , camping and other long time night activities. If you have any problems, please contact us and we will solve the problem in the shortest time possible.

This is a list of the very best head torches for cycling only, so don’t let the numbering confuse you! The second in this list is as good as the first, the Victoper Wesho headlight features an upgraded battery that can light up your world for at least 7-8 hours with ease.

Plus, it doesn’t take an eternity to charge up, which is the case with some of the other makes available in the market. One thing that we loved the most about this cycling head torch was the balance that it offers, between back and front! The torch offers 90 degrees of adjustability, which makes it an absolutely ideal choice for cycling on paths full of cracks.

The multipurpose head torch is an idea for your camping and jogging ventures as well and is quite light in weight. We know you are avidly waiting for the more illuminating and distinguishing features of this product, so let us jump to the pros section for those.


1- Waterproof, which adds more value and allows you to cycle in rainy weather as well.

2-Four different flash modes

3- A powerful 6000-lumen flux

4- Comes with two rechargeable batteries in the package

5- USB cable included

Not So Good

1- Bulkier than other makes in the market

2- Rubber plug is a bit faulty

3-Head Torch by Alien Scout

Head Torch by Alien Scout - High-End, Professional, Shockproof and Weatherproof LED Headlamp for Running, Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Dog Walking, Reading, Working, DIY Or Watching Nature - Adjustable, Lightweight and Ultrabright - White/Red/SOS Lighting Modes - includes Alkaline Batteries and a Portable Hard Case
  • THE BRIGHTEST LED LIGHT: Our head torches feature a powerful 168 LUMENS spotlight made with CR XP-E LED that can shine light up to 110 meters. That means you can see clearly at night from one end of a football pitch to the other! Talk about BRIGHT!
  • 6-MODES PLUS LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: multiple functions including RED NIGHT VISION, RED FLASHING, WHITE ULTRA BRIGHT AND S.O.S. FLASHING (dots and dashes Morse). You can expect up to 120 HOURS OF USE on a single set of batteries!
  • FIVE-STAR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND EASY TO USE: Our unique WEATHERPROOF AND SHOCKPROOF headlamp is ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL and offers a rotatable body that can turn up to 70 degrees. This is a LIGHTWEIGHT POCKET-SIZED head torch (90g with batteries) that it won't bob during running or cycling. And with a single, easy-to-manage slide strap, you can adjust the comfort on the fly.
  • AMAZING BONUSES: Each of our PREMIUM head torches comes standard with a HARD CASE with interior mesh pocket, which makes it easy to store and TRAVEL, a CARABINER that lets you clip it to a backpack your belt or anywhere else, and 3 ALKALINE BATTERIES!

Here is a head torch that is quite a show stealer in our opinion! So many things to like about this product, but the one that we admired the most is the lightweight nature of this cycling head torch. It is only 100 grams, which is super cool adjustability wise.

It is sturdy enough to survive a few falls, which is why we are recommending this beauty for your lengthy cycling trips in the nights. Coming towards the more technical features of this head torch, it has three main modes. These include white, red, and SOS modes. Could do with a few more, not going to hide our disappointment! 

Your next question would be about the battery life for sure, so let us answer that here. The battery life is around 30 hours but it can vary depending upon your cycling plans.

We have got a few more beans to spill in the pros and cons section, make sure you check out those in the next sections as well! 


1- Extended battery life: Manufacturers claim it is around 120 hours! 

2- Waterproof: But don’t go drenching the torch in water just for fun!

3- Comes with a hard case for storage

4- Affordable

5- Features a head strap  

Not So Good

1- Rotates only up to 70 degrees.

2- Bumpy ON button

3- You might have to purchase rechargeable batteries on your own!

4-BORUIT Rechargeable 5000 Lumen Led Head Torch

BORUIT Head Torch Headlamp Rechargeable Headtorch Super Bright 5000 Lumens Led Flash Light 2*R2+1*L2 LED Beads 4 Modes Headlight for Men Working Running Camping Hiking
  • 【Ajustable 90 Degree and Waterproof Head torch】The head lights is 90 degrees adjustable up and down and will stay steady after positioning. Up to 4-6 hours working time under full charge. IPX4 level waterproof headlight can run normally in the rain days. Please note that This flashlight can't be a diving head lamp.
  • 【4 Modes Flashlihts 】High/ middle/ low/ flashing. Switch modes from battery saver (1 LED) to medium brightness (2 LEDs) or even to The Ultra Bright (3 LEDs) mode, the additional flashing Strobe (3 LEDs) mode will quickly catch attention without delay. Extremely High-Performance 2*R2+1*L2 led beads delivering 5000 Lumens beam.
  • 【Rechargeable Emergency Power Source】Micro USB Interface, which means that you can charge it at any place and can be used as an emergency power bank. When your phone in low power during the outdoor activities, This camping equipment can be charged as your power source.
  • 【High Performance and Comfortable Strip 】Super adjustable system bands will provide maximum comfort. Comparing the other headlamp band, it more suitable for different head sizes.
  • 【Shopping Risk Free for Head Lantern 】This headtorch extremely is suitable for jogging, cycling, camping, and other long time night activities. If you have any problems, please contact us and we will solve the problem in the shortest time possible.

Even in this discussion, we know it is getting difficult for you, deciding which one is the best head torch for cycling. But before you make the final call, let us tell you a bit about the BORUIT rechargeable head torch. Maybe this IS the thing you were after! 

Ok so coming towards the technical features of this head torch, its illumination stems from three LEDs that have a maximum output of 5K lumen. This obviously implies that this is not a single beam head torch. The torch features just one button for its operations, which makes using it quite an easy experience.

More importantly, the BORUIT head torch can be rotated at an angle of 90 degrees, which helps you to focus the light in the area where you need the beam, the most.

Well, we know that your curiosity isn’t satisfied yet, which is why we have listed a few more key specs of this head torch in the pros and cons section.


1- Sturdy frame

2- IPX4 waterproof

3-Comes with accessories like wall and car chargers.

4- Has a case for storage

Not So Good

1- Longer than normal charging time i.e. five hours.

2- Low battery life i.e. only two hours.

3- Weighs around 480 grams!


Petzl Nao+ Headlamp - Black, One Size
  • Integrated back light
  • LED lights
  • Portable battery

So many things to like about this head torch, but let us start with the fact of how light it is. Only 100 grams! However, do not let this piece of information distract you from the fact that this is still a pretty useful item to have in your backpack when you go camping or on a major cycling tour.

The beam that radiates from this quality head torch is around 750 lumens. You can expect it to remain consistent, unlike some of the other makes in the market! There are two brightness modes for you to select from, you can switch to the lower or brighter version depending upon your need.

We love how you can program this head torch using the brand’s light application. In the pros section, you are going to find a few more reasons to love this head torch!


1- 7 ½ hours run time on low brightness

2- Can be operated wearing thick gloves

3-Reactive light technology

4- MyPetzl app is a big plus. 

Not So Good

1- Price is a bit on the higher end

2-Takes a lot of time charging

3- Only 90 minutes run time on full brightness

Features to look out for:

Just a quick look at the key features that you must keep in mind when you are out purchasing the best head torch for cycling.

1- Durability 

You are not going to buy a head torch every day so purchase the most durable make in the first go!

2- Brightness 

600-650 lumens is the minimum range you should be after.

3- Beam length 

Particularly important if you are cycling on a trail.

4- Modes 

Three is OK, but anything more than that is a bonus.

5- Battery life 

Can’t be spending more time charging than using it, so be sure you buy the model that remains your friend the longest.


Well, folks, we hope you have made up your mind already because we have reached the end of this discussion. We understand your desire of exploring the nights in winter with great attention, hence we have listed only the best head torches for cycling in this discussion! Choose any of these and you are going to be OK, we promise you this!

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