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Top 5 Best Cycling Caps Of 2021 – What To Know Before Spending Your Money

The cycling cap is a cyclist’s crown. It is part of your apparel and it complements your appearance. It plays a critical role on sunny days, as it shields your head. At the same time, it is just as handy on rainy days and can prevent rain from reaching your eyes – not to mention sweat. Furthermore, nothing is better than a cycling cap to keep your head warm during cold weather.

Caps are ideal in the springtime, as well as the fall season. While helmets are mandatory at times, caps are quickly coming back to trends. Some people wear them under their helmets as well, as they can prevent the hair from getting trapped in the helmet liner. Finally, you might as well wear a cap when off the bike too if you want to mark yourself out as a cycling enthusiast.

Now, finding the best cycling caps could be a bit challenging with so many options out there. Some of them stand out in the crowd though. Others are more general. While most people choose their caps based on nothing but style and fashion, the truth is a cap can provide much more than just a good appearance. Here are the best options on the market.

Top 5 Best Cycling Caps

GripGrab Cycling Cap

GripGrab Unisex's Lightweight Thermal Under Helmet Cycling Running Skull Cap-Winter Bicycle Hat-Black, Neon HiViz Headwear, M (57-60 cm//22.5-23.5 inch head circumference)
  • Fits Comfortably Under Your Helmet - This cycling skull cap is made to fit comfortably underneath your cycling helmet; the cap is an ideal insulating and protective layer
  • Breathable - Designed for use in winter as a protective layer against cold, the soft and comfortable brushed fabric of this under-helmet cap is highly breathable and allows heat to dissipate
  • High Quality - Even after frequent use and washing, this cap retains both its shape and colours; Ideal for cool temperatures, when a headband is too cold and a balaclava too warm
  • Reflective Details & High-Visibility - Reflective details increase your visibility when running or cycling in traffic; Choose the highly-visible neon option to stand out even more
  • Comfort - The soft, comfortable and quick-dry fabric used for this sports headwear is ideal to keeping you warm and insulated when taking part in your sport in the winter months

GripGrab’s leading cap is available in a few different colors – both neutral and intense. You can find black, yellow or pink, to name a few. It comes in three different sizes and it has an elastic design, meaning it will match most heads out there – not suitable to those with super large heads though.

The cap is based on a stretchable fabric. Even if your head is a big larger than average, the fabric will expand without putting too much pressure or causing any discomfort. You can use the cap as it is or you can have it under your helmet.

On the inside, the cap features an inner fleece material that protects your ears and head. It is breathable, so you are less likely to sweat too much. Plus, it keeps your head warm. The cap is suitable for other sports too.

  • Multiple sizes based on the circumference of your head
  • Stretchable materials
  • Inner fleece to keep the head warm
  • Anti sweat materials
  • Suitable for more sports
Not So Good
  • The large size may still be a bit tight for very large heads

French Fitness Revolution Skull Cap

French Fitness Revolution Skull Cap Helmet Liner Running Beanie - Ultimate Thermal Retention and Performance Moisture Wicking. Fits Under Helmets
  • The ultimate skull cap beanie : Imagine yourself while you run, jog, snowboard, ski, workout or even walk in the cold season. Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a skull cap so lightweight and comfortable, but one that would still give you thermal retention on chilly weather? This is where we come in with a superior stretchy and breathable beanie that has a fleece fabric on the inside to keep you warm.
  • One size fits all : Our fabric blend is so stretchy that you'll have to worry no more about how comfortable you'll feel wearing it. Your comfort is our main target, so we designed a product that matches all heads shapes and sizes.
  • Fits under helmets, goes well with goggles : are you a fan of skiing, snowboarding, cycling or biking? No matter the activity, our moisture wicking skull cap makes sure that will wick away sweat, keep you warm and still feel like second skin under your helmet. Or together with your goggles.
  • Retains color & form : Maybe you'll use it as a running beanie or when playing any other sports, so frequent wash may be necessary. No worries, our skull cap will look as good as new and keep its properties wash after wash.
  • Out of present ideas? no worries. Our product comes in a nice premium package that makes it a nice present idea. Practical & functional for the cold season. Give something so useful that it will brighten your loved one's day!

French Fitness Revolution is known for designing some of the best cycling caps on the market. This particular model is available in black or a few other colors and the latest model comes with a very elastic design that will not put too much pressure on your ears. The cap is suitable for heads 20 to 24 inches in diameter.

The surface is wind resistant and you have a comfy fleece on the inside – great for cold days. Given the size, the cap is likely to partially cover your ears as well – after all, your ears are some of the most exposed parts of your head. Other than that, the cap is well put together and feels durable.

Whether you are into cycling or other activities, this cap is ideal. It can go by itself or under your helmet. You do not necessarily need to ride a bike or a motorcycle to use it. It is also handy and cozy during hiking or other outdoor activities.

  • Well put together
  • Comes in more colors
  • Can help sweat evaporate
  • No pressure on your ears
  • Cozy inner fleece
Not So Good
  • Material is a bit too thin, yet durable enough

Baleaf Cap

BALEAF Skull Cap Cycling Running Beanie Thermal Helmet Liner Blue
  • 90% Polyester + 10% Spandex: Firm yet relative Thin fabric, can be worn under any type of helmets while cycling, running
  • Soft Fleece Inside provides long lasting warmth and comfort
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric wick sweats away quickly
  • Reflective elements for visibility in low light conditions
  • One size fits most

Available in a few different colors, this cycling cap from Baleaf is made of polyester and spandex. It comes in one size. While based on stretching materials and featuring an elastic appearance, it may not be the best choice for those with very large heads.

The fabric performance is flawless though. It stretches and it fits your head in a snuggly way. It is comfortable and lightweight, so you can get rid of sweat straight away – without having your head feeling cool.

The cap is well put together and does not feature too many seams. It is a unisex design and it can be used for a wide variety of activities. It can go under a riding helmet as a liner, but it is also great for outdoor activities on cold days.

  • Stretchable without putting pressure on the head
  • Keeps the head warm
  • Allows sweat to fade away quickly
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Suitable for more activities
Not So Good
  • Those with very large heads may find it a bit too tight

Lemego Cycling Cap

LEMEGO Outdoor Sports Hat Cycling Hat Thermal Fleece Helmet Base Cap Bike Warm Cap Windproof Breathable Stretchy Skull Cap for Men Cycling Running Motorcycling, mens, gray, Kopfumfang 54-60cm
  • Suitable for glasses and with reflective logo: our skull cap is suitable for combining with glasses. The holes on both sides of the hat make your ears feel comfortable and avoid the pain caused by pressing the glasses on the ears for a long time. In addition, the LEMEGO logo and the glasses holes are reflective, which is easy to see during training, which is both beautiful and safe.
  • Thermal fleece and ear extension design: the inner skull cap made of warm fleece is made of warm fleece to keep your head and ears warm. We have improved the ear design of the hat so that your ears are completely covered and protected. When you move, you can enjoy music with the headphones at the same time without worrying about the headphones falling off.
  • Breathable, windproof, waterproof: the hat cannot avoid sweating during training. But don't worry that you get cold, wear our cycling hat, it can stay warm and evaporate quickly. Because our outer layer is made of breathable nylon spandex and waterproof coating, it can prevent water, snow and wind and play a role in keeping warm.
  • [One size fits all] The elastic cap fits most people's head circumference from 54-60 cm. It can cover the head and ears well without the need for additional earmuffs. Wearing under the helmet can protect the head from wind, snow and rain. It is also very lightweight, easy to carry, can be folded up and put into a bag when not in use.
  • Our winter sports hat is suitable for all outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, running, hiking, jogging and working. When you buy it, you don't need to buy another hat for other sports, saving you time and money.

Featuring a modern and simplistic gray design, this hat is based on polyester and spandex. It has side holes for glasses, so it will never put too much pressure on the sides of your head. It is machine washable and less likely to lose its colors. Moreover, it provides protection against the sun.

The cap is mostly designed for hot days, but it is just as handy on cold autumn days. The liner keeps the head cool during the summertime and warm during the wintertime. It allows sweat to escape and can have long sides to keep your ears covered against wind and harsh weather conditions.

Apart from ventilation, it has a lightweight profile too and will work for all kinds of activities. You can wear it under a professional helmet as a liner, yet it is also useful when hiking, working outdoors or engaging into various sports.

  • Side holes for glasses
  • Long sides to cover your ears
  • Breathable design
  • Easy to look after
  • Sun protection
Not So Good
  • Too large for kids

Brisk Skull Cap

Brisk Cycling Skull Cap Under Helmet Thermal Tight Fit Warm regular size (Black)
  • Brisk Bike Synthetic Cycling cap is a unique cap with a lot of qualities. Made from highly elasticated polyethene terephthalate PET-G fabric this cap is highly durable and long-lasting and can give a snug fit. With the G-Core Nanopores technology, these caps are highly breathable as it wicks the moisture and keeps the surface of the head dry.
  • With PET-G fibre thread technology, this cap is surprisingly lightweight and has an obvious sense of style with unique Anti-Microbial and Anti-Odor properties. Equipped with a super moisture-wicking fleece pro interior this cap is highly comfortable to use for a longer riding session.
  • The temp control fleece fibre keeps the head and the ears warm in chilling weather conditions. The fabric composition is highly flexible and allow the cap to be folded and can be kept in the pocket easily. The rounded pearl shape allows this cap to fit under the helmet nicely.
  • Machine crafted perforations allow air contact with the head surface. Pico-thread technology strengthened the stitching bond with a Triple-needle flat fell (lap seam) stitching on centre and back.
  • Aesthetically designed to augment the movement and performance of the users. With the PP-MEG advance polymer, these shorts have the ability to retain a crisp and resilient look and are highly abrasion-resistant.

This is one of Brisk’s best cycling caps and it comes in a few different colors and one size. It features a stretchy fabric design, so it will match most heads within 20 to 25 inches in diameter. The cap is mostly designed for cold winter days.

It is 100% windproof and can keep your head and ears comfortable and cozy, whether you cycle, hike, ski, run or work outside. It is based on water resistant spandex and polyester. The thermal fleece is ideal for protection and even more warmth.

The temp control and long sides will keep your ears warm and well protected against wind. It works well against moisture and sweat. You can use it under larger helmets too. Given the thermal lining, it is not the best option for hot summer days, yet it can be worn in warm weather.

  • Water resistant
  • Great against sweat
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Thermal insulation
  • Long sides to protect ears
Not So Good
  • Only one color and style

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about the best cycling caps out there?

How can I keep the cap straight on my head?

Most cycling caps come with a few indicators when not sure how to wear them. You will usually find a ribbon down the central area. The sewing might have a specific style too. Obviously, most caps will go down to the back of your head, while the face is clear. Make sure it is perfectly straight. Otherwise, not only will you look silly, but it could also get uncomfortable later on.

Can I wear cycling caps in the summertime too?

Absolutely. Many hats come with thermal insulation. Practically, they can keep your head warm in the wintertime and cold in the summertime. Obviously, it depends on the type of insulation. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications, as some cycling caps are specifically designed for colder weather.

Can I wear a cycling cap for other activities?

Of course. In fact, most people buy cycling caps for cycling, but they wear them for other things as well. For example, you can wear the cap if you go hiking or camping. The same goes for running or jogging. You might as well keep the cap on your head if you work outdoors and you need some extra protection – your options are countless.

Can I wear a cycling cap with a helmet?

Yes. Many riders actually use caps under their helmets for more reasons. First, they can prevent their heads from tangling. Second, most helmets do not provide as much protection against cold and sweat – especially around the ears. Third, it is all about comfort – helmets are not always very comfortable, hence the necessity of some extra support.


As a short final conclusion, cycling caps have seriously diversified over the past decades. A few decades ago, they were designed as actual caps – they had peaks and they could provide some protection against sun. These days, you are less likely to find those models – instead, you will find skull caps that stick to your head and protect against wind, sun and moisture. They can also go under helmets.

Browsing the best cycling caps will definitely give you some good options. In theory, they are quite similar – pretty much the same materials and high levels of protection. In practice, small details will make the difference. Some fabrics are thicker and more durable than others. Some others come with sun protection, while other designs feature ear flaps for extra protection.

Make sure you know what you actually need – give your riding experience a few tries before buying a cap, only to identify your main needs accordingly.

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